Blue and White Master Bedroom

I’m having a major blue and white moment. In the past six months I have been SO drawn to this color combination that I haven’t bought a single item for my home that doesn’t reflect my obsession (minus a dining room table – and that’s only because my husband said a white table was impractical. To appease me we brought a white dining room rug – which is even more impractical.) For this reason, it’s not shocking to learn that we are now the happy owners of a blue and white master bedroom.

In our old home, our master was a really calming combination of beige, white and tan. It was so peaceful, and it felt like we were staying in a hotel every night – in the best possible way. I loved it. But in this new house, I couldn’t shake the blue and white obsession – so we moved our amazing, serene furniture to our guest room upstairs (lovingly called the guessing room – come visit already, Mom & Dad!) and started fresh.

Blue and White Bedroom

The Shade Store Roman Shades (Sanganer in Sky) | King Bed | Duvet from Gramercy Fine LinensAccent Pillows | Coverlet | Nightstands from Gramercy Fine Linens

Selecting our color combination in advance is the very, very best way I’ve found to decorate a room. I knew I wanted rich navy, bright white, a little beige (for softness) and complimenting patterns.) I also wanted to add in a natural element – and I fell in love with this the airy cane pattern from Serena and Lily. The sustainable rattan of the bed is woven by hand, and it’s a At first I was a little afraid it wouldn’t be a versatile piece, but turns out it kind of matches…everything. It’s a little bit modern and a little bit classic and looks really strong in our blue and white master bedroom and I LOVE it.

I also wanted really high quality, comfortable linens that could handle dog hair (our 75 lb pup sleeps with us – judge away) and repeated washing. My love for all things Serena and Lily continues with their bedding. Their many, many  patterns are incredible, and SO easy to mix. I knew I wanted a combination of their designs, and I like the accent pillows with the striped duvet and euros. I also knew I wanted Peacock Alley linens, because their navy is second to none and their sheets are heavenly. They honestly get better with every wash and press!

White and Blue Master Bedroom

Blue and White Bedroom with Stripes

Blue and White Bedroom

Finally, one of the most important design elements we added was, what the french call, the “lack of le stuff.” In our room, it’s critical that we avoid clutter. It, in conjunction with our amazing natural mattress, helps us sleep better. White space is our friend. So what you see in these pictures is how our room really always look (granted, there is a little less dog hair than usual.) It’s blissfully plain. BUT – that makes decisions like a patterned roman shade REALLY important. Ive talked about my love for The Shade Store before – and I honestly would never have landed on this pattern without them.

Blue and White Master Bedroom

Blue White Master Bedroom

White and Blue Bedroom

I was determined to have solid roman shades. I walked into their beautiful ADAC showroom with blinders on. Over the course of two hours the conversation went something like this:

“White or tan, please. No, no patterns for me. Absolutely not. Oh…you’re right…that pattern IS beautiful. And the blue is perfect. But, maybe I should stick with a solid. You think I’m better than that? It’s a big world of pattern and I need to take a bite? I agree – it WILL compliment the stripes. ALRIGHT – LET’S DO THIS!”

Later this month I’m going to fill you in on why I selected these custom roman shades. Now, looking at the final room, I can’t imagine it without a little pop of pattern. And this pattern is pretty great, is it not? I’m so proud of them!

We are 85% there with this blue and white beauty – just a couple more special touches to add – but I couldn’t wait to share the progress we’ve made! There are also two beautiful benches and a great rug that aren’t getting the airtime they deserve, but that’s life. More to come! What do you think of our blue and white master bedroom?

Thanks to our great partners (The Shade Store, Gramercy Fine Linens and Natural Sleep Mattress) who helped make this blue and white master bedroom possible!

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  1. I love that bed! We’re looking for a new King and this would look beautiful in my vision of our bedroom! Love how you put it together.