Celebrate Every Day (Literally)

Apparently October 21 (my birthday) is a pretty popular food celebration day! My birthday is also International Day of the Nacho, National Apple Day, National Caramel Apple Day & National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day – Happy Birthday to ME!!! Looks like I will be eating nachos, apples and pumpkin cheesecake to celebrate! However, The Peachtree Roadies rarely need an occasion to celebrate (remember chocolate martini Tuesday?). BUT, every once in a while it’s fun to have an excuse to celebrate something with a special meal or beverage! We try to keep on top of these celebrations for you all, including National Margarita Day,… Read More

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Kale me Crazy – Recipes to Celebrate National Kale Day

The frenzy over kale is more powerful than a sharknado and we aren’t even mad about it. Everybody loves to talk about kale. Raise your hand if you haven’t posted a picture on Instagram of your kale salad with the hashtag #nomnom or discussed the health benefits of adding kale to your green smoothie at a party. No hands up?  I thought so. I know you’ve already Googled the health benefits of kale like 15 times in the last week, but I can’t help providing a couple of my favorite reasons this #blessed leafy green is a refrigerator staple: It’s… Read More

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